Monday, April 8, 2013

Three domain presentations

Today in class you worked on your three domain presentations.  You will present these in class on Wednesday.

Oral Presentation Component:

Ñ       Each person must speak for an equal amount of time.

Ñ       Presentations are to be 12 to 15 minutes long.  Points will be deducted if you are under or over time.  Be sure to practice your presentation!

Ñ       Do not read from the PowerPoint!  You may show a video clip, but videos cannot account for more than two minutes of your presentation.

Content of the Presentation:

Ñ       Include an overview of what distinguishes your domain from the other two domains.

Ñ       Include approximately when at least three phyla appeared in the grand scheme of evolution.

Ñ       Include and explain a phylogeny that shows the relationships between various organisms in this domain and how that fits with the other two domains.  

Ñ       Additional information: This will vary depending on which domain you are researching.


Ñ       One page, can be double sided.
Ñ       Must include citations.
Ñ       You may use the handout template or create your own.
Ñ       Must include a phylogeny.
Ñ       May leave space for your peers to take notes or may be a summary of your talk.
Ñ       Printing out the slides from your presentation is not an acceptable handout.
Ñ       Handouts do not need to be in color (nor is extra credit given for printing in color, not everyone has access to color printers/paper).

Here are some sites to get you started:

I will be posting your presentations on the blog, so make sure that you have properly cited all of your work (including images!!)

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