Monday, May 12, 2008

Tsunamis & Supplements

Today Sammy and Jun taught the class about Tsunamis and Supplements, respectively. Sammy had the class participate in a Tsunami simulation to give us the prospective of what it would have been like for individuals in the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand and Sri Lanka to try and escape the wave. After the simulation we headed inside where Sammy impressed us with his vast knowledge of the mechanics of this wave of destruction.

Jun brought in weights for us to use and samples of supplements for us to look at as well as explaining how these work (or don't work for that matter).

Both boys had excellent, engaging and well researched presentations! They certainly set the bar high!

Life in the tall grasses

Today students in B blocked continued to learn about animal behavior in the grasslands, particularly the savannas in Sudan and the plains of the central United States.

Monday, May 5, 2008

B block: Designing an Animal Behavior Experiment

After reviewing the homework from the weekend on animal communication, students designed a detailed experiment to test an animal behavior of their choice.

Students need to keep in mind: how long will the study take, what will be measured, possible sources of error etc.

D block: Lesson Plans

Today students turned in their lesson plans.  Students continued to work on what activity they will do with the class and had time to practice it.

Friday, May 2, 2008

D block lesson plan update

Reminder: D block your lesson plan is due in class on Monday. Make sure you have written down the details of the content you are going to present.

Birds of Prey Cont.

B Block finished watching Birds of Prey and looked out pictures of one of my college buddies trapping lynx in Montana.

Homework: Prepare a short (5 minute) presentation for the class on how your specific organism communicates with those of the same species. Have information on how it communicates to find a mate, food and protect its territory.

Nate...whales (have a specific specie) nosed mole
Ben...frogs (have a specific specie)
Pat...birds (have a specific specie).