Friday, April 5, 2013

Phylogeny & Cladistics

This has been a busy week!  We tried a new lab and started transitioning from 'cookbook' labs to investigations where you need to work as a group to develop the procedure.  We will continue doing this for the remainder of the term.

I will be away on Friday and Saturday, but Mr. Hansen and Mr. Jordan are covering your classes.  Your assignment for class is posted below:

In class you will be given a handout on constructing cladograms.  You were told to bring your computer so you can look up information about the species in the activity.  If you need a tutorial on phylogeny click here! 

By the end of this week and this activity in particular, you should be able to do the following:

Objectives for Week 3:

·         Connect the process of evolution with the structure of a phylogeny.
·         Compare relatedness of organisms using a phylogeny.
·         Recognize the applications of phylogenetic information across biological disciplines.
·         Construct a cladogram for a given group of organisms that reflects the most likely shared ancestry.

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