Monday, April 15, 2013

Biodiversity loss increases infectious diseases among humans

We are now transitioning from evolution to ecology.  To kick off this transition you read a literature review from Nature "Impacts of biodiversity on emergence and transmission of infectious disease." 

C period - Today you collected your first round of data for the eutrophication lab and started to read the article.  For homework, finish reading the article and be prepared to discuss what you read.  Please also bring a device that gets internet (you can use your phone).

D period - To you wrapped worked in expert groups on the domain presentations.  If you are a slow reader you should read 2-3 pages of the Nature article tonight.  You will have 45 minutes in class tomorrow to work on the article finish collecting your first round of eutrophication lab data.

From Mr.T's site:  Click the picture to link to the PowerPoint

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