Monday, March 25, 2013

Evolution Objectives - Week 2

Week 2: Objectives for Evolution
Modules: 70, 71

___________EV1. Define evolution _______

___________EV2. Outline the four types of evolution _______

__________ EV3. Outline the components required for natural selection ______

_________ EV4. Calculate fitness and changes to fitness using mathematical models. _______

_________EV5. Explain the relationship between mutation, adaptation and natural selection. Give an example in your answer. ________

________EV6. Identify examples of physical and behavioral adaptations in a diverse group of organisms.  _______

__________EV7 . Explain two examples of evolution in response to environmental change; one must be antibiotic resistance in bacteria ______
_______EV8. Discuss the definition of the term species _______
_______ EV9. Describe three examples of barriers between gene pools ________
_______ EV10. Compare convergent and divergent evolution. _________

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