Monday, March 25, 2013

Population Genetics Objectives - Week 1

Week 1: Population Genetics:

________ PG.1. Explain how a change in allele frequency is evolution.

________ PG. 2 Describe different mechanisms by which allele frequencies can change, including natural selection, genetic drift, and gene flow.

________PG. 3 Differentiate among stabilizing, disruptive, and directional selection.

________ PG 4. Give an example for each type of selection and explain how this example illustrates that type of selection.

________ PG 5. Compare founder effect and bottleneck effect

________ PG 6. State the assumptions made when the Hardy–Weinberg equation is used.

________PG 7 Describe the assumptions that underlie the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and also the conditions under which the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium applies.

_______PG 8 Calculate allele, genotype and phenotype frequencies for two alleles of a gene, using the Hardy–Weinberg equation.

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