Friday, April 12, 2013

Penultimate Assignment #1

As your first assignment related to the organism you have chosen, you will investigate the adaptations that characterize your organisms unique design for survival.

To complete this task you should:
1.     Respond to the survey request reserving your species as unique among the classes.
2.     Discuss three different adaptations for your species.
a.     Describe the adaptation
b.     Classify these adaptations as physiological, morphological, or behavioral. 
c.     Explain how the adaptation has improved upon the fitness of the organism.
d.     Relate at least one of the adaptations to a “theme of biology” that is not connected to evolution.  In other words, do not use either the unity or diversity of life as your theme.
3.     Provide an annotated bibliography that summarizes your research on the organism.
Note:      For this class and many scientific publications the American Psychological Association (APA) style of citation is appropriate.  You will find a full description of this style through the Bunn Library website directing you to:
For the annotated bibliography, include two sentences describing the source and the information you used in your PA#1.  For more information on citations, check out the very helpful Bunn Library Website here.

4.     Submit your descriptions of adaptations and bibliography to your instructor via Blackboard as a “Turn-It-In” assignment and as a hard copy.

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