Monday, January 21, 2013

Wrapping up the Fruit Flies and Starting the Cell Cycle

Today C period collected the last of their data for the fruit flies, there were thousands of larvae and pupae!  Where did all of these come from and how did they go from eggs laid by adult females to these next stages? MITOSIS!

We're transitioning from cell signaling to mitosis.  How does a cell 'know to divide?'  It receives a signal (see how all of this works together?).

Today C period got their list of objectives, tomorrow D period, you will get your copy.

Both classes:  Homework for tonight:

Click play in the picture below to link to the cell cycle game.

Take notes as you play the game.  Pay close attention to the figure below (featured in the game).  Keep track of how many times you have to start over.

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