Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fruit Fly Post Lab Questions

Post Lab Questions

1. Make a table that shows the chi squared values for each treatment concentration and whether or not you reject the null hypothesis. Use the table below (click on it to make it larger).  If your Chi Squared value (at 2 degrees of freedom) is > 5.99 your results are significant and you CAN reject the null hypothesis.

2. How does treatment with juvenile hormone change the ratio of larvae to pupae or adults? Is this a result you would have expected? Why or why not?

 3. Is there a difference in the sex ratio after treatment with juvenile hormone? Would you have expected one? Why or why not?

 4. Does hormone treatment affect the size of male or female flies? Is this an expected result? Why or why not?

5. Is there any effect of juvenile hormone that appears to be dose-dependent, that is, increases with the hormone concentration?

6. In this exercise you treated flies only once with juvenile hormone. Based on the observed outcome, what would you predict would happen if larvae were treated every day with juvenile hormone, rather than just once? Why?

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