Monday, January 7, 2013

The Endocrine System According to Hank

C period:

After acknowledging that it was challenging to go back to reading the modules, we used Crash Course's  Endocrine System video to help elucidate what you read in Module 22.

You spent the second half of the lab period working with a partner to make a concept map of the key components and mechanism of the endocrine system that you've learned so far.

Tonight: Read module 140.  Tomorrow we will be expanding on the concept map you created in class today.

D period:

We watched and discussed the concepts in the video above, as well as discussed other ways in which the endocrine system plays a role in our bodies.

Homework: Read the packet for lab tomorrow.  You only need to read through the procedure for week You will have a short quiz on the major concepts in the reading prior to the lab (instead of answering prelab questions).

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