Monday, January 14, 2013

Diabetes Research & Bloom's Taxonomy

Today (or tomorrow for C period), you will be learning about diabetes by creating questions for your peers at each level of Bloom's Taxonomy.

 You and a partner will create two google docs: one with the questions and space to answer each question below and one document that is an answer key.  You will then share the questions with another team in the class, who will need to answer the questions (for homework).  You will share your questions and answer key with me.

When titling the google doc, please use this format "Diabetes_(class period)_(your first names)_(Q or A).  For example "Diabetes_C_ilana and kaila_Q"

You must also include a resources table in your answer key. 


For the analyzing question, you may choose to provide a graph or link to a graph and ask a question about the data presented in the graph.

Keep in mind that diabetes relates to the endocrine system so you should tie in the endocrine system to at least one of your questions. 

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