Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great Transformations

Today we watched the video "Great Transformations" from the PBS Evolution series. Click the picture to link to the Video's website. Students answered the questions below while they watched the video.

1. What are the human connections to all animal life

2. How can we understanding human evolution through the study of whale evolution?

3. Write brief definition and history of mammals.

4. How did land-based mammals return to the sea?

5. How can fossils from "transitional species" trace whale evolution?

6. What can studying whale movement tell us about the evolutionary relationship with land mammals?

7. Describe the paleontological research into early tetrapod fossils

8. Which came first: leaving the water or developing legs?

9. What is the transition from fins to limb? How is it an evolutionary survival strategy

10. What happened in the Cambrian explosion?

11. What is the Burgess Shale and its rich fossil record?

12. What are Trilobites?

13. What are Pikia?

14. What can Fruit fly research tell us about evolution and genes?

15. What clues can embryo development give us about evolution?

16. What can studying primate movement tell us about our human ancestors and evolution?

17. Was the existence of homosapiens inevitable?

Homework: none

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