Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Change in Plans

As a result of Step One testing on Thursday, the quiz is now moved to Monday. Today (and tomorrow for D and F blocks) we will watch the next segment of the PBS Evolution Series: Extinction! Students will answer the following questions while they watch the video.

1. Give a brief definition of extinction.
2. Approximately how many species that have ever lived on the planet have ever gone extinct?

3. On average a species dies out at ______________ years on earth.

4. How many mass extinctions have happened in the last 500 million years?

5. What were some of the environmental changes that happened to cause such a mass extinction?

6. How long did it take for the first dinosaurs to evolve?

7. Describe the behavior and physical appearance of mammals while dinosaurs were "ruling the world"

8. What was the K-T extinction event?

9. What happens to mammals as a result of this event?

10. When and where did the first human-like primates emerge?

11. What has happened to the rate of extinction since the human population has exploded?

12. What is the disappearance of large carnivores a sign of?

13. What are the relationships among plants, herbivores, and carnivores?

14. What is a primary cause of extinction?

15. Describe the formation of Hawaii's unique ecosystem

16. Two examples of invasive species: zebra mussels and brown tree snakes. Describe one of these two examples.

17. Describe: In North Dakota, using one weed species to battle another: leafy spurge versus flea beetle

18. What do you think: Is it too late to stop change in the Thai forests?

19. Can we slow the rate of human-caused species extinction and return to the natural cycle of evolution and extinction?

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