Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Constructing an Evolutionary Timeline

Today and in the next class period, students are working on constructing an Evolutionary timeline. To see the amazing John Kyrk timeline we view in class, click here. I suggest watching it a few times and preferably on a large screen so you are able to see all that the animation offers.

Below are the events which will be placed on the timeline:
Geological Events: When (in millions of years)
Pleistocene Ice Age 1.6
Land bridge between North and South America 5.7
Antarctic Ice cap 24
Mississippi River 35
Separation of Antarctica and Australia 50
Formation of the Himalayas 55
Formation of the Rocky Mountains 70
Breakup of Pangea 165
Oxygen building up in atmosphere 600-2500
Formation of the earth 4600

Biological Events

Pictograms (written communication) .005
Modern humans .04
Neanderthals .10

Manufactures stone tools 2.5
Lucy 3.2
Hominids 4.0
Monkeys 35
Primates 65
Flowering plants 140
Birds 150
Mammals 225
Dinosaurs 235
Reptiles 300
Seed producing plants 350
Amphibians 360
Land animals 400
Land plants 430
Vertebrates 520
Animals with hard shells 590
Soft bodied animals 680
Multicellular organisms 1000
Eukaryotes 1400
Bacteria 3500

Note: 1 billion equals 1000 million

*This timeline activity has been adapted from BSCS Biology: A Human Approach.

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