Monday, March 15, 2010

The Earth's Early History

Today students had a reading quiz on section 17.2 and their first pop quiz of the year. What was the point of the pop quiz? To see if students got anything out of spending three class periods working on a geologic timeline. The early verdict: Not all that worth it. Next year there will be questions that go along with the timeline.

Students worked in pairs to answer questions about the Miller-Urey experiment and then we watched this explanation of how Miller and Urey set up their experiment.

Students also learned about the endosymbiotic theory as well as how Earth's early atmosphere compares to the current atmosphere.

Workbook pages 189-193
page 189: #6-8
page 190: all
page 191:17-21
page 192 & 193: all

Please do NOT tear the pages out of the workbook. Bring your workbooks to class.

If you are in the play, you may have until Thursday to complete this assignment.

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