Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Experimental Design: Bean Seeds

Today (or Thursday for G period) students presented their redesigned Simpon's experiments. Congratulations to the Bart group in C period for winning the 100,000CHF grant to continue their research.

Due Friday for C and G period: Complete a detailed experimental design for the seed lab. On Friday we will be selecting an experimental design to actually do in class. We will have from Sept. 9 through Sept. 21st to collect data in this experiment.

PART 1: Complete the rest of the experimental set up. Important questions to think about are:
* What will your light source be? How close will the plants be to the light? How can do make sure all the plants receive equal light?

* How often will you collect data?

* Water evaporates. What will you do to compensate for this?

PART 2: Make a data table that you could use to record your data from this experiment. You do not need to create data, just make the table.

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