Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chapter 2 - Radioactive Dating, Chemical Bonds and the Properties of Water

G Period: Today students collected data from the seeds & salt experiment. After collecting the data, students were given a chapter 2 pre-inventory and we started to learn about basic chemistry.

G Period Homework: Read pages 37-39 and take notes for a reading quiz. Any notes you take, you can use on the quiz.

C Period: Today continued to collect data from their seeds and salt experiment, after which students had a reading quiz on pages 37-39. We moved on to section 2-2, the properties of water.

C Period Homework: Read and take notes on section 2-2, you will have a reading quiz in your next class.

Here are two video clips to help you understand chemical bonding and radiocarbon dating.

Chemical Bonding:

Radio Carbon Dating:

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