Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Electron Trasport Chain in Photosynthesis

For class on Wednesday/Thursday
Today students used a guided notes sheet which focuses on photosynthesis as a redox process, the two stages of photosynthesis and the ETC.

Click the picture below to link to the video we watched in class. Finish watching it and take down the following steps (below the picture) to complete your notes on the electron transport chain.1. A photon of light hits a chlorophyll molecule (creating resonance energy).
2. When energy reaches the reaction center, an electron is released. One photon of light is needed for each electron.
3. Two electrons and two protons go into an electron carrier.
4. Electrons in Photosystem II are replaced by the splitting of water molecules. H+ ions are pumped into the lumen and O2 is released.
5. As electrons move towards Photosystem I, H+ ions are pumped across the thylakoid membrane to the lumen.
6. Electrons reach Photosystem I
7. Photons re-energize electrons
8. Two electrons and a H+ ion are added to NADP+ to form NADPH
9. The gradient of H+ ions is used by ATP Synthase to create ATP
10. The vital products of the electron transport chain are ATP, NADPH and O2

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