Friday, October 16, 2009

Calvin Cycle & Photosynthesis

Today we did an overview of the Calvin Cycle and students started the Photosynthesis Mini-Project.

To see the PowerPoint we used in class these past few days, click here.
To see examples of a tour map (one great and one terrible) click here.

    Working with a partner (or in a group of three), you will complete the following two tasks which will be due on Tuesday October 20th. This mini project will count as THREE homework assignments….So….Here is your chance to boost your grade.

Task 1: Create a map of the areas that visitors will see on the trip. Your map should include the following information
  • How will you enter the plant?
  • A labeled drawing of a plant cell (remember, plant cells are different than animal cells. Be sure to look at the diagram on page 175 for details).
  • A close up labeled drawing of a chloroplast

Task 2: Write a script for a tour guide leading trips to the light dependent reactions and the Calvin Cycle. Your script should include the following information

  • The general equation for photosynthesis
  • A detailed explanation of what happens in the electron transport chain
  • The reactants and products (key components) of the electron transport chain.
  • Where the ETC takes place
  • Where the Calvin Cycle takes place
  • What are the reactants and products of the Calvin Cycle
You also need to remember to cite your sources. If you use only your notes include a citation that says "Information from class notes." If you used any other sources, even images from google you need to include the URL.

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