Tuesday, September 22, 2009

pH and intro to carbon

We started class today with a reading quiz on 2-2. Students then did a quick lab activity where they needed to determine the pH of eight unknown substances.

The last 15 minutes of class were spent starting section 2-3. Students were given a guided notes sheet.
Homework for tonight: (due the next time your class meets) Read the rest of section 2-3 and take notes. YOU WILL HAVE A READING QUIZ.

On Friday a summary report (1 per group) is due. The summary report can be any of the following:
  • Make a Venn diagram and fill in the names or draw pictures of the items that were in each of the solutions in the correct section in the diagram and write the properties in the correct section. (See example below.)

  • Write a brief report about acids, bases, and neutrals in paragraph form and include examples from the testing lab.

  • Draw a concept map or word web comparing and contrasting acids and bases and add descriptive words and examples. (See example below.)
  • Create a narrative poem, song, or story about the acid, base and neutral solutions and describe their properties.

  • Your summary report must also include the answers to the following questions:
    1. What is the pH of human blood?
    2. What is the pH of stomach acid?
    3. What are antacids and how do they work?

    Bonus point opportunity: If you find the actual pH's of all 8 substances, you can earn a bonus on your summary report.

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