Tuesday, September 15, 2009

H1N1 Homework

Today in class we did the onion & cheek cell lab (see post below). For your next class period (G block is due Wednesday September 16th, F and D blocks this assignment is due Thursday September 17th), complete the following. Your assignment may either be typed or handwritten, however you may NOT email it to me.

1. Find an article on H1N1 (swine flu).
Places to look for articles include: Science Daily, TIME magazine, International Herald Tribune, and the BBC

2. Read it.

3. Write a summary IN YOUR OWN WORDS on the article.

4. Include a proper MLA citation for your article.
To cite a website write down the following information:

Author last name, author first name. "Title of the article." Name of the website. Year the article was published. Name of the organization. Date you read the article. The url for the website.

5. Be prepared to present your article to the class.


Ms. Saxe
-- Period
15 September
Summary for

Swine Flu: To Panic Or Not -- That Is The Question

In an effort to clear up all the misinformation surrounding H1N1, Dr. Sutker, of Baylor University Medical Center, gave five overarching facts about swine flu. These facts included that swine flu IS treatable with Tamiflu and Relenza which one can get with a prescription. So far only 40 individuals in the U.S. have been diagnosed with swine flu, compared with 5-20% of the population that contracts influenza A/B each year. Lastly, "you can not get swine flu from eating pork products." In the second part of the article Dr. Sutker offered tips to prevent the spread of infection. These tips, such as frequent hand washing, covering your cough and seeing a doctor if you think you are infected, apply not only to swine flu but for all infectious diseases. Hopefully this information will clear up much of the panic about H1N1.

Citation: Baylor Health Care System. "Swine Flu: To Panic Or Not -- That Is The Question." ScienceDaily 30 April 2009. 15 September 2009 /releases/2009/04/090429144956.htm>.

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