Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today students had a reading quiz on section 2-3. After going over the quiz students were given a worksheet on the types of Macromolecules. We didn't get a chance to talk about food pyramids around the world, but hopefully we will get a chance with Thursday's classes.

Homework: Review the PowerPoint below with the information about the lab for Friday. Before coming to class on Friday you should fill the in the table of contents in the lab section of your notebook with the following information:

Date: 24 September
Title: What's in your food?
Partner: (leave blank for now)
Page: 5

On page 5 in your notebook (a sheet of notebook paper) copy down the table from the slide titled "Background Information" (this is slide number 6).

A note about testing for lipids: We may not have Sudan IV solution, so we may be doing the less glamorous "paper towel test."

Please also bring a food you would like to test.

Lab Procedure

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