Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lab 9: Bacterial Transformation Using pGLO

In your class on Blackboard under course documents, the PDF for next week's lab (Jan 14 for C block and Jan 17 for A & D blocks) is posted.

BEFORE coming to lab you need to print this document and paste/tape/staple it into your lab notebooks, as well as fill in the table of contents, write a purpose and answer the lesson 1 focus questions (there are only 4 questions) You will be graded on this.

3. You will also need to read the procedure. In the PDF it is pages 6 & 7 (the actual printed page numbers are 14 & 15. Who knows, you might just have a prelab quiz on this...

If you are reading the procedure and think, "I have no idea what I am supposed to do" then I HIGHLY recommend watching the 4 minute video clip below which demonstrates most of the procedure.

Watch more Google Video videos on AOL Video

You will be doing a formal write up on this, so it is a good idea to take extra care in preparing for this lab.

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