Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DNA review and Start of Chapter 10

We started off class today with students writing down their New Year's resolutions. These include:
* Be well prepared for class and speak more
* Review my notes on the same day I learned the material to reinforce what I learned
* Ask questions in class when I do not understand something
* Study in chunks rather than cram
* Arrive to class on time / don't bag

My New Year's resolutions are to give smaller, more frequent assessments and to do a better job of putting in attendance the day it happens.

Next we...
1. Reviewed the differences between DNA and RNA
2. Learned how experiments showed that DNA (not protein) is the genetic material by watching this video clip.
3. Examined the structure of DNA to understand how the strands are antiparallel with a 5' and 3' end.

NOTE: D block even got ahead of schedule completing an overview of 10.5

Homework All Classes: Read pages 182-183 in your book and write down three things you learned. There is space for you to do this on page 1 of the packet.

C Block: check your email this evening for information about tomorrow's lab.

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