Monday, February 11, 2013

Transcription and Translation

D period: click here for the PCR prelab assignment. 

C period: You need to read/watch/listen to information about transcription and translation.  How will you know what's important? Look at your packet and your objective list to keep you on track.

Chose a resource for transcription, then scroll down and chose a resource for translation.

Transcription Resources
1. Read page 247 in the e-book
2. Stages of transcription animation (McGraw Hill) AND processing mRNA (Virtual Cell Video)
3. Mr. T's PowerPoint (slides 3-8)

Translation Resources
1. Read page 251 in the e-book
2. Translation initiation, elongation, termination
3. Mr. T's PowerPoint (slides 9-17)

And as always, there's a crash course video.

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