Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PTC and SNP's

Today you will research PTC and SNP's.  Since this lab is an integral part of your final exam, today's class will help you prepare for this final assessment of the term.

Begin by reading about PTC here.

As you read, answer these questions in your own words.  I am not collecting these answers, this is solely for your own exam preparation, however we will discuss your answers.

What does the PTC gene influence?
How can the prevalence of PTC in the population be an example of natural selection?
What is a heterozygote advantage and how is PTC an example of this?

Next, work through the interactive reading and graphic on SNP's here.

What is a SNP?
What do SNP's look like at the DNA level?
Can a single SNP tell you a lot about a person?
What is a haplotype?
Summarize how scientists can apply SNP profiles to drug choices.
Compare and contrast genomic and functional approaches to SNP's

Evaluate this claim:

You are researching SNP's and come across a Wiki site where the author says that SNPs are a type of point mutation.

Is the aforementioned claim OK, great or terrible?  Provide an explanation of your reasoning.

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