Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Here's what we know so far about enzymes:

Enzymes are a biological catalyst
They are proteins (which are made out of amino acids)
Enzymes lower the activation energy of a chemical reaction
Enzymes have optimum ranges of temperature and pH where they work best
Bind to substrates at specific active sites
Extremes for pH and/or temperature can denature enzymes (meaning the shape changes and it can no longer bind to the substrate)
Might not function properly if the DNA which encodes the enzyme is damaged.
Involved with both anabolic and catabolic reactions:
    examples: anabolic enzyme = ATP synthase
                     catabolic enzyme = lactase
Many enzymes end in "ase."
Enzymes are not used up in chemical reactions.

Below are links to the enzyme animations we used in class
Basic enzyme function
ATP Synthase (movie)
Manipulating factors that effect enzyme productive (temp, pH)

Homework: C period - Read Module 12 for class tomorrow
D period - complete termite lab, submit via EMAIL.

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