Friday, September 21, 2012

Beta Gal Enzyme Pre-Lab

This weekend you will need to read the Beta-Gal Enzyme prelab, which you can find here, you were also given a copy in class.  Answer the prelab questions and make the data table BEFORE coming to lab.  To help you to better visualize the lab set up, take a look at the picture below:

(click the picture to make it larger)

a) spectrophotometer.  Not sure how one of these works?  Watch this one minute video.
b) this cup contains you working enzyme, must be kept on ice.
c) stop solution. You will use this to stop the progress of the reaction
d) test tubes and test tube rack.  Make sure to label all of the tubes using tape and a marker
e) disposable transfer pipettes
f) 5mL and 10mL pipettes.  Fill with 10 mL and use to distribute 1.5 of working enzyme every 15 seconds.
g) cuvettes for the spectrophotemeter.  MAKE SURE TO ONLY TOUCH THE SIDES WITH THE RIDGES.  Wipe only using a Kim-Wipe (lint free cloth) not a paper towel.

Recall the animation that we did in class to manipulate how things like a change in temperature and changing the enzyme substrate concentration impacted enzyme activity.  You can view that animation here.

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