Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Photosynthesis Mini Project

 This mini project is counts for three homework grades.  It is due IN CLASS on Tuesday November 8th.

Task 1: Create a map of the areas that visitors will see on the trip. Your map should include the following information
  • How will you enter the plant?
  • A labeled drawing of a plant cell (remember, plant cells are different than animal cells. Be sure to look at the diagram on page 175 for details).
  • A close up labeled drawing of a chloroplast

Task 2: Write a script for a tour guide leading trips to the light dependent reactions and the Calvin Cycle. Your script should include the following information
  • The general equation for photosynthesis
  • A detailed explanation of what happens in the electron transport chain
  • The reactants and products (key components) of the electron transport chain.
  • Where the ETC takes place
  • Where the Calvin Cycle takes place
  • What are the reactants and products of the Calvin Cycle
You also need to remember to cite your sources. If you use only your notes include a citation that says "Information from class notes." If you used any other sources, even images from google you need to include the URL.

Below are examples of A+ work and F work.

The A+ Work
The F work - why is this an F ... well for starter's it's a screenshot of a webpage!  Remember that Family Weekend is coming up, what would you like your family to see?

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