Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cancer & The Cell Cycle

Today we started to learn about Cancer & the Cell Cycle.  Students worked in co-operatively in groups to come up with answers to questions about Cancer.   Students complied a list of questions (see below) as a class. 

Many of these questions will be answered in the reading you do over the weekend, and the questions you answer.  The remaining unanswered questions will be addressed next week.

Questions we have:
1. What is the difference between a sign and a symptom?
2. Is cancer genetic?
3. What happens to your cells when you have cancer?
4. How do the number of deaths from cancer compare to other diseases?
5. How makes a cell sick?
6. How does cancer spread?
7. How quickly can cancer grow?
8. Can your emotional health impact your battle with cancer?
9. When do you call it cancer and when do you call it a tumor?
10. Are all types of cancer treatable or curable?
11. Which type of cancer causes the most deaths in the U.S.?
12. Which type of cancer is the most deadly?
13. What is the chance that a person gets cancer?
14. What does chemo involve?
15. Are all types of cancer malignant?

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