Monday, October 18, 2010

Test Today

Today students had a test on Chapter 7: Parts of the cell, osmosis and diffusion.

The big news is: the dialysis tubing has now arrived! Instead of pushing ahead with photosynthesis, we're going to do a lab tomorrow using the Vernier probes we learned how to use last week.

In this lab, you will look at how concentration effects the rate of diffusion.

Make a prediction for how you think concentration effects the rate of diffusion. In your prediction make sure to include a definition of diffusion and an explanation of the principle.

In addition, you will need to write a procedure to use in class tomorrow for this experiment. Below are some experimental guidelines:

Each pair will have:
a Vernier pH Probe and lab base
Three unknown samples to test
You should set your probe to follow the guidelines we did in class (3 minutes, 20 samples per minute).

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