Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Nature of Matter (starting chapter 2)

NOTE: This post is for Thursday and Friday because on Friday we are running a Wednesday schedule.

Today students collected data from their pea experiments. Some of the peas have started to germinate! After collecting the data and talking about the feasibility of collecting data everyday, we moved on to start chapter 2: The Nature of Matter.

Students were given a guided notes sheet to help organize their notes. We watched a short video clip on carbon dating. Click here to see it.


Watch the video clip below and use the information to complete the table in your notes packet that compares ionic and covalent bonding.

After watching the video, finish reading section 2-1 in your book to complete the questions on Van der Waals forces etc. You also need to finish the check-in questions for homework. You should use all of section 2-1 (pages 35-39) in your book to help you review.

This is due on Monday.

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