Friday, September 10, 2010

Controls and Variables & Designing an Experiment

Today, with the help of the Simpsons, we learned about controls, variables and better ways to design an experiment.

On Monday you will need to turn in your experimental design planning sheet.

First read about the experimental method here.

Second complete the planning sheet. BE DETAILED! One experimental design will be chosen from each period for us to do in class. What's your incentive for having a good design? Aside from bragging rights, you will receive a rare homework pass which will excuse you from a homework.

A few reminders about your experiments:

1. We must be able to do the experiment in class.

2. The experiment should not take more than 3 class periods, including data analysis.

3. Look at the class schedule and remember that we have class hikes next week, so the schedule is:
Monday- Tuesday-Hikes- Thursday-Wednesday.

4. No organism with a spinal cord may be used.

5. We are not finding a cure for a disease, the purpose of this is to practice experimental design.

6. It must be a controlled experiment

7. You should have four test groups (and a control group) and each test should be done at least five times.

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