Thursday, April 9, 2009

the human FACE

On Wednesday and Saturday of the this week we are watching Part 1: Face to Face of the BBC documentary, the human FACE.

As students watch the film they will answer the following questions:

Why don’t crocodiles need multiple facial expressions?

How many facial expressions do humans create?

How many muscles are in the face?

Are the muscles attached to the bones of the face?

What is mobius syndrome and what are the symptoms?

Describe the surgery for mobius syndrome.

What really matters when couples argue?

What is the Darwin grief muscle?

What emotion is one of the greatest indicators of infections diseases?

What are the physiological symptoms arguing?

In what part of the brain is fear recognized?

What happens what John Clease sees the fear faces in the MRI?

What are the symptoms of Aspergers? What happens to the man’s brain when he is shown fear faces?

What can smiling in a single photograph indicate? How did college year book photos relate to happiness later in life?

What are the two muscles which are central to smiling?

What is facial expression so important in social groups? Why did it evolve?

What do secret service agents know about lying that nobody else does?

What is a micro-expression?

What culture teaches people to hide their facial expressions? What is the point?

What is Kismet and what was the point of building it?

Why doesn’t road rage happen to pedestrians?

What is the benefit of seeing people face to face?

What does laughter help you to do?

Does the body know the difference between forced laughter and genuine laughter?

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