Friday, December 12, 2008

Wrapping up Chapter 9

Today and tomorrow we will be finishing chapter 9 by learning about pleiotropy, polygenic inheritance, chromosome mapping, sex determination and sex linked genes (sections 9.14-9.22).
Your book doesn't talk about Environmental Sex Determination (ESD) and this stuff is actually quite interesting. "The sex of hatchling turtles, like this Barbour's map turtle, is determined by incubation temperatures in the nest. Relatively warm incubation temperatures produce females, whereas cool temperatures produce males. Barbour's map turtle is only found in the Apalachicola River and its major tributaries in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida." To read the rest of the article click here to learn more about ESD and Climate Change.

Homework: Finish the remainder to the practice problems (through question 10) on the Genetics Practice Problem Sheet.

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