Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quiz on Hardy-Weinberg & Evolutionary Arms Race Video

Today you had a short quiz on how to solve a Hardy-Weinberg problem.  D period shared their case studies on natural selection in mussels and crickets.  You can read about the mussels here and the crickets here.

We spent the remainder of the class watching PBS's Evolutionary Arms Race video from the Evolution series. You can find the website for the video here.

Below is a segment from the video (TB in Russian prisons)

Homework:  Tomorrow you will have a Harkness discussion on evolution.  Your prompt for the discussion is: Evolution is also called the 'unifying theory of biology.' What does this mean? Why do biologists find it nearly impossible to understand biology without understanding evolution?  What role does evolution play in our lives?

Prepare a notes sheet and at least three questions to ask as part of the discussion.  You will be graded on the notes, your questions and your participation in the discussion.

You can view the remainder of the video below:

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