Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Four Questions

Whenever a bioethicist approaches a question s/he needs to address the following four questions

Ethical Questions: These are about what a person should do, how people ought to interact, what sort of person one should be, and what kind of communities it would be good to live in.

Relevant Facts: These are the biological, psychological, sociological, economic, and historical facts you need for thinking carefully about the ethical question and answering it.
Who or What Could Be Affected: The people and entities affected by ethical decisions are considered stakeholders. Stakeholders are not always human beings or human organizations; animals, plants, organisms, or the environment might be affected by the way an ethical issue is decided, so they can also be stakeholders.
Relevant Ethical Considerations: These are particular concepts in ethics that can help you analyze a case.

G period  - Started Oscar Pistorious' case.  If you have not already addressed the question, "Should he be allowed to compete in the Olympics?" write an answer to this questions and provide REASONS.

C period - Now that you have read the background on Carl's Case, complete Part 1 of the Case Study Sheet.  

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