Monday, April 23, 2012

Climate Graphs

Our essential question for this week is: Why are there different biomes and what is the relationship between a biome and an ecosystem?

Today for C period (tomorrow for G period) students created climate graphs using actual data for 16 sites around the world.  

Part 1: 
Data from the Bates Institute for Climate Research was not saved properly.  You have been asked to match up the sample sites with the data.  

1. Using the information on the index card, plot the latitude and longitude of the two sites you have been given.

2. Based on what you know about the shape of climate graphs and your knowledge of geography  use the space on the back of the worksheet to make predictions about the shape of the climate graphs for the two unknown sites.

3. Once you have completed the predictions, open the file you have been emailed "Climate Graph Data."  Watch the video below for how to create a graph that displays multiple types of data.  Be sure to label and title your graph appropriately.  

If you do not have Excel, you should make the graphs on paper.

4.  Use this map to determine the biome for each of your sites.

5. Write a paragraph for EACH site that describes the general characteristics of that biome.  Make sure you include:

The major types of vegetation
Dominant species
Human threats to this biome (this information you may need to research independently of the map site).

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