Tuesday, March 6, 2012


G period - the analysis questions are in the post below this one.  

Today C period started to learn about speciation specifically how do we define a species and what are some of the barriers to hybridization.  Looks can be deceiving when it comes to determining if two individuals are part of the same species.

Homework:  Click the picture to link to an Evolution in the News Article.

A. Read the article

B. Watch the podcast embedded in the webpage, it is the blue video box that says "Speciation in Real Time."

C. Answer these discussion questions:

  1. What evidence suggests that the Central European blackcap lineage is beginning to split?
  2. What evidence suggests that the immigrant finch lineage may be on its way to forming a new species?
  3. Review the process of natural selection. Use the four steps described on that page to explain how the blackcaps migrating to Britain might have evolved rounder wings.
  4. Read about the biological species concept and three other species concepts. For each concept, explain whether you think the two parts of the blackcap population constitute separate species by that definition. Explain your reasoning and/or what other information you would need to make this determination.
Clicking on the links in the questions will give you background information to help you write a thoughtful answer.  You do not need to write out the question, just the number of the question.  You should work independently to answer the questions.  You may hand write or type the answers.  

This assignment is due Wednesday for C period and G period will complete this assignment in class.

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