Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gel Electrophoresis Pictures

Today G period practiced using gel electrophoresis and got great results! After practicing micro-pipetting and learning how to read the 2-20uL and 20-200uL pipettes, students were ready to decide what color (or mixture) of colors to load in their gels (the ideal volume for the wells is 8uL). Check out the pictures of the set up below.
Materials for the lab (and our class mascot).

A gel loaded and ready to be run.

The new BioRad Power Packs are amazing!  We ran two gels at a time for 18 minutes, at 300V and had great results.

Even after only two minutes, you can start to see the green dye in lane 1 has separated out into blue and yellow dye.

A finished gel after 18 minutes at 300V.

Notice how the black food coloring is actually made out of orange and purple dye.  Can you determine which molecules of dye are the largest and which are the smallest?

Marcela records her results.

Antonia and Milly record their results.

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can i know the colour result. thank you :)