Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today students completed a short guided notes sheet, before building models of various fatty acids.

Homework: Due Friday (courtesy of Mrs. Yust-Averett). Answer the questions below, you do not need to write the questions, just the number of the question.

1. What is the elemental composition of lipids?

How can you differentiate between carbohydrates and lipids when looking at a molecule or given a chemical formula?

3. What are the 4 main types of lipids (molecules)? (you will need to look this up).

4. What are the main functions of lipids?

5. What type of covalent bond (linkage) can be found between a glycerol molecule and fatty acid tails?

6. Are lipids polar or non-polar? How does this effect their interaction with water?

7. Explain the structure of triglycerides (look this up).

8. What is the main function of triglycerides (look this up).

9. Compare saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (number of hydrogen atoms, physical state at room temperature, healthy or unhealthy, single or double bonds between carbon atoms, ease broken down by body, sources found in nature, food examples) (look this up).

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