Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finishing Chapter 4

Today (yesterday for G period), we will wrap up chapter 4. Please note that section 4-4 has been removed from your test next week and understanding the climate diagrams in section 4-3 has been added.

To help recap chapters 3 and 4 we played a combination review jeopardy and learning jeopardy where new material was introduced.

Below is a climate diagram for Meppen, Germany. The red line indicated temperature and the blue bars represent the amount of precipitation each month.

The months are in Roman numerals at the bottom of the diagram. I = January and XII = December.

Where's Meppen? Check out the map below (it's about an eight hour drive north of Lugano).

At the end of the day, I will email the jeopardy review to all the classes. For homework, please read section 5-1. You will not have a reading quiz, but if you are someone who benefits from taking notes, then absolutely take notes!

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