Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quiz, Dichotomous Keys and Plants

Because of Step 1 testing yesterday many students weren't in class and so they weren't able to take the quiz. In order to keep moving forward here's the plan for today:

If you took the quiz: You will complete the dichotomous key activity. Homework: Read and take notes on section 22.1 for a reading quiz in your next class period.

If you didn't not take the quiz: You will take the quiz in class. If you have time, you can start the dichotomous key activity. If you do not have time, it has been emailed to you. There are two attachments you will need to complete this activity (and a picture posted below).

The attachment titled "Tree ID_Student" are the leaves you will need for parts 3 & 4 of the worksheet. The attachment titled "Tree ID" is the key you will use for the leaves.

Since you will be completing the activity at home and will not be able to see your classmates, make a dichotomous key using the "creepy/crawly" things below. Click the picture to make it larger.

In addition, you will need to read section 22.1 and take notes for a reading quiz.

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Grant DeMuth said...

Daddy long legs are not spiders, they are opiliones.