Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Final Exam Essay Questions

Your final exam will consist of 90 multiple choice questions and two of the questions below.

NOTE: The essay questions on the exam may vary slightly in wording, but the general themes will be the same.

Final Exam Essay Questions

  1. Three or four genetics problems. These could include interpreting pedigrees, solving punnett squares, variations on Mendel’s principles.
  2. The importance of meiosis and the consequences and an example of a nondisjunction disorder.
  3. Describe the structure, function and replication of DNA. Include all the enzymes involved.
  4. Diagram and explain transcription and translation. Include where each process takes place, the importance of the process, the template strands, enzymes and ‘machinery’ used.
  5. How does DNA extraction and gel electrophoresis work?
  6. What are the mechanisms of microevolution, give an example for each. State the main cause of all evolution.
  7. Choose a case study of microevolution and explain its significance.
  8. Given 10 major events, put them in order on a geologic timeline. Explain the evolutionary logic behind the placement of at least three of the events.
  9. Diagram two of the following three cycles: nitrogen, carbon or water cycles and explain their importance in the environment.
  10. Choose a biome and explain how weather, topography and geography combine to give that specific biome it’s unique climate.
  11. Given ten objects create a dichotomous key and explain the importance of dichotomous keys in science.
  12. Choose any topic we have learned about this spring and give an example of how it relates to the real world. Cite a specific article you have read for class in your discussion.

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