Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carbon Cycle Webquest

Today (and tomorrow for D and F blocks) we will be in the computer lab doing a webquest on the Carbon Cycle. Click the picture below to link to the animation.
After you finish answering the questions go to: Google's Public Data Site for CO2 emissions per capita.

When you click on the link Switzerland's emissions are shown. Move your cursor along the line to show the amount of CO2 in metric tons. (click the photo to make it larger)
On the left side of the screen are a list of countries. Click through at least five countries and write down in your notebook what the CO2 emissions were in 2005. For each country list a possible explanation as to why the level of CO2 emissions are higher or lower than Switzerland's emissions.

Homework: read pages 78-80 and take notes for a reading quiz.

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