Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome Back.... Starting Classical Genetics

Today we started Chapter 11 and the basics of Mendelian Genetics. Key concepts and vocab discussed include:

homologous chromosomes
homozygous dominant
homozygous recessive
Principle of Segregation
Principle of Independent Assortment
Test Cross
Punnet Square
Monohybrid cross
P generation
F1 generation
F2 generation

Phew! That's quite a few words/concepts. The material we are starting now has a substantial amount of terms, so make sure you start to make flashcards (if you need them) sooner rather than later.

Homework: Read section 11.2 and take notes, you will have a reading quiz. Also, complete the vocab section (part 2) of the worksheet we did in class today.

The Roloff Family, stars of TLC's Little People, Big World have brought dwarfism (achondroplasia) to the big screen. Achondroplasia is a genetic disorder that is caused by a dominant allele. The parents are heterozyous for the trait, which is why some of their children are not affected by the by the disorder.

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