Monday, November 9, 2009

Types of Cancer Flyers

Today in class students started to work flyers about different types of cancer. The guidelines are posted below and I will put up a sample later today.

G Block: yours is due on Wednesday Nov. 11

D & F blocks: yours is due on Thursday Nov. 12

Go to:

Under “learn about cancer” click choose a topic. No students in the same class may have the same topic.

Here are the guidelines:

1 page

2-3 figures/pictures

Name of your type of cancer:





2-3 key stats

A footer or use footnotes to cite your sources. Print the flyer on the colored sheet of paper you were given in class. You most certainly may embellish your flyer with markers/crayons/colored pencils. You will share this with the class the day it is due.

NOTE: The majority of students in F and G blocks did not remember to bring their computer to class, so they picked their cancer topics and spent the remainder of class reading and answering questions from the "What is Cancer?" packet. If you are in F or G block, please make sure you bring your computer to class on Tuesday.

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